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redmark helps designers and their clients communicate visually in just three simple steps

  • FREE: send & review your proofs free of charge! A small fee will only be charged for a future service that will help you acquire new clients.

  • Secure: store your files securely in a password-protected account. Designate people who can access your work on a per-design basis.

  • No extra work: redmark sends e-mails to your clients with all they need to know to provide feedback.
  • Visual: Put comments directly on the proof, point and click style! Save time avoiding reading or understanding lengthy explanations.

  • Intuitive: streamlined client experience without learning curve or set up

  • Organized: Stay on top of your projects' status by taking a quick glance at the project dashboard.
  • Expose your talent: show off your great work in our list of designers for free.

  • Cool portfolio: get a full portfolio at or embed it in on an existing website in seconds

  • Hassle-free: finish proofing a project and it lands in your portfolio. Never bother with manual updates again. It's like a twitter feed for your designs!

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"strikingly slick and clean interface"
"awesomely simple and helpful"
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"saves you additional time sorting through e-mail"
"worth more than just a passing glance"
The Donut Project
"less emailing, more designing"
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"designed to be simple"
"it's easier than you'd think"
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"take the web to the next level"